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Aransas County is one of the smallest counties in the Great State of Texas.  Much of it's "area" is covered by salt water from Aransas, Copano, Mesquite, St. Charles and Port Bays.

Live Oak Peninsula is the home of the City of Rockport and the Town of Fulton (the two primary municipalities in the county).  Speaking of peninsulas -- the county is made up primarily of peninsulas islands and bays.  The peninsulas include Live Oak, Lamar, and Blackjack (home of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge). The main island is San Jose -- which is privately owned and is the barrier island for the Rockport/Fulton area. Key Allegro, a canal community established in 1962 was originally called Fandolig Island. 

Established in 1867 Rockport is the County Seat for Aransas County.  Other than the Town of Fulton the other communities in the area include Lamar, Holiday Beach, Copano Village, Sparks Colony, Estes and a small piece of Aransas Pass.

Rockport is an amalgam of people with varied interests.  It's noted for it's great fishing, sailing, boating, kayaking, birding, and bike riding. Other than being home to the world-famous Whooping Cranes we also have a large number of Winter Texans who spend the "cold" months enjoying our warm winters.  Artists are also attracted to the area with a number of world renowned artists calling Rockport home.

Just about every month there is some festival or celebration in the community -- we do like a good party. Plus there is a communtiy theater group made up of volunteers that puts on two major productions per year.  Our Beach Park has been awarded the "Blue Wave" certification for a number of years.  The clean water and beach welcome locals and visitors alike, including nesting birds (be careful driving down the beach road during nesting season)!

The area is sprinkled with  free boat and kayak launch areas.  There are also miles of hike and bike trails. The community pool is open year round and offers lap swimming along with water aerobics.  Our weather is exceptionally pleasant during the winter months and joyously sunny in the summer.  The prevailing Southeast breeze makes even the hottest summer day tolerable.

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